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The BA (Hons) in Fine Art studio at UCC School of Art is a central element of the course. Not only does the studio provide the ideal large scale, open plan and flexible physical space to develop your creative voice, but the supportive and collaborative ethos of the studio, is equally vital. Students across all three years understand and appreciate the importance of this critical framework and the studio as a dynamic part of the course itself.

The fine art studio incorporate all years in one large, double height space. With the excellent cohort sizes, each student is afforded a good individual space alongside a year-based communal space. Although generally open, the studio does include a specialist dark space for project, video or installation work to be explored independently or in a taught session.

The UCC School of Art incorporates a number of specialist, studio-led spaces which are utilised for a variety of learning formats, to best support student development and provide a range of learning environments suitable for the module. Further information below.

The Fine Art Studio, is the designated BA Fine Art space within the UCC School of Art. The predominately open plan studio incorporates all years into a large, light and flexible space.

This format provides a dynamic studio ethos, whereupon dialogue and collaboration can occur. Each cohort is provided with a individual and group working studio for both full and part time students.

Fine Art Studio
Drawing Studio

'A fantastic environment to be in, surrounded by like minded people yet individual. Interesting
conversation always flowed, as did the creativity.'

BFA Alumni

The Drawing Studio, located adjacent to the Fine Art Studios, is the life drawing space within the UCC School of Art. This studio is used predominately for the two drawing modules delivered in BFA Year One & Year Two. However other opportunities to use the space include student led life drawing classes, which occur across the academic year.   


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75% of students graduated with GOOD GRADES in 2016

'Because the studios are open plan it means that all 3 year year groups can interact with each other... and make connections with other students'

BFA Alumni

Seminar Space

The Seminar Room, located adjacent to the Fine Art Studios, is a designated seminar and presentation space within the UCC School of Art

Visiting Artists may undertake practice presentations in the Seminar Room, whilst some studio practice based module delivery can also occur here.

The Hay Gallery, located directly below the Fine Art Studios, is a ground floor gallery space within UCC  School of Art. The gallery acts as both a project space to test ideas and as a more formal exhibitions space, to show student and visiting artist exhibitions. 

BA Fine Art students can book out the gallery during the academic year to put on cumulative shows & test concepts.

Hay Gallery

All images courtesy of the artists. UGO 0.2 Project Space | ELBLOK Publications. 

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