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'The facilities and the technicians are fantastic and I had the opportunity to learn so many new skills'

BFA Alumni

On the BA [Hons] in Fine Art we offer a range of contemporary and traditional technical resources across a broad range of workshops and facilities. Predominately located below the Fine Art Studio, students are provided with introductory sessions in specialist workshops, delivering a overview to develop and enhance fine art processes and techniques.


Across the undergraduate degree, specific workshops are integrated into specialist modules and designated sessions, for instance Fine Art Sculptural Processes in Year One. The workshops form a vital part of developing a ambitious and professional fine art practice, with students often specializing in certain discipline by Year Three. 


Student's are supported and encouraged by a team of  specialist technicians, who are practicing artists and makers, experts working in their chosen discipline.  Each workshop has a highly knowledge lead technician who will support the realization of ideas, refined via a ongoing personal development of contextual  studies and individual studio practice. Further information below.

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Across the large Wood, Metal & Plastic Workshops students are provided with the support and significant facilities to develop large scale and intricate works. Students are guided to select appropriate materials and processes with the technicians on hand. 

Ceramics | Glass

The Ceramics Workshop provides a vast range of facilities for students to develop skills in range of ceramic and glass processes. Across the three workshop spaces, students are able to experiment with a significant variety of processes, generating outcomes relevant to their individual fine art practice.


In the Printroom students will be introduced to a vast range of techniques early in the course. Students are then encouraged to independently develop selected processes in the Printroom. The workshop includes facilities to explore etching, mono,  silkscreen and letterpress printing. 

Digital Suite

'The workshops have everything you need to create anything you like. There is an excellent amount of help and the technicians are very knowledgeable.'

BFA Alumni

The Digital Suite is a space for digital editing and image manipulation. Students are provided with a introduction to the software available across the suite of Apple Mac work stations. Students can be guided across new software [Adobe Suite, Final Cut, etc.] and processes [film editing, image manipulation, etc.] by the technicians. The suite is located next to the digital print room were students can request high quality and large format printing. 

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Other facilities available on campus to the BA in Fine Art include:

> TV production

> TVR digital / analogue equipment hire

> 3D/Fine Art Computer Room adjacent to Fine Art Studios

>  Library with Specialist Art section including all major art journals and annual publications.

> Access to Library  & loan request system for University of  Essex library.

Photography Studio

The photography studio, based in BA in Photography, is a fantastic facility for Fine Art students. After a induction, students can book to use the high performance DSLR cameras, lighting and floor to ceiling backdrops to document work, record performances and for photography driven disiplines.


In year two of the course, students undertaken the module Photo-Media Processes. In this module students are based in the Darkroom, where you explore  processes including Cyanotypes and Photograms in a fine art context. Additional facilities include colour and black/white film processing. 



All images courtesy of the artists. UGO 0.2 Project Space | ELBLOK Publications. 

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